Serious Privacy

The Mother of the Privacy Podcast (with Angelique Carson)

April 13, 2022 Paul Breitbarth & K Royal Season 3 Episode 10
Serious Privacy
The Mother of the Privacy Podcast (with Angelique Carson)
Show Notes

On this episode of Serious Privacy, sponsored by TrustArc, Paul Breitbarth and K Royal some with Angelique Carson. Angelique is currently with TerraTrue but Paul and K know her best from when she was with the IAPP, International Association of Privacy Professionals.

Angelique had launched the IAPP's podcast years ago,  where K was one the very first guests.
The conversation flows from podcasts with its challenges and triumphs to how the privacy profession has grown over the past decade. They also discussed how professionals, whether attorneys or not,  can enter the hottest growing field.  The barriers to entry aren't insurmountable, but being successful does require a certain perspective. And if you are looking for the GDPR website K was referring to - you'll find it here.

Join us as we reminisce and review what it means to be in privacy,  the changes we've seen worldwide,  and our perspective on the state of this fascinating field.

In addition,  K and Angelique are attending the IAPP's Global Privacy Summit in DC April 11 - 13. This is the first GPS in three years and it's sure to make history.

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