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What Now Right Now? Assessment of the EU Schrems II Decision

July 16, 2020 Paul Breitbarth and K Royal of TrustArc Season 1 Episode 24
Serious Privacy
What Now Right Now? Assessment of the EU Schrems II Decision
Show Notes

The Schrems II decision is a Serious Privacy topic. Privacy professionals in the EU and the US had the 16th of July marked on their calendars for a long time. Today was the day the Grand Chamber of the Court of Justice of the European Union would publish their verdict in the case between the Irish Data Protection Commissioner on the one hand, and Facebook and Max Schrems on the other. The Schrems-II case, as it is commonly known, has made as much of an impact as its predecessor did in 2015.

On Thursday morning, July 16, the Court invalidated the EU-US Privacy Shield, and seriously restricted the use of standard contractual clauses. Reason enough for a special Serious Privacy episode to discuss the case and what comes next.

Paul Breitbarth and K Royal talked briefly with Gabriela Zanfir-Fortuna of the Future of Privacy Forum and Sophie in ’t Veld, Dutch member of the European Parliament. We were looking for their reactions to the decision, their expectations, and their recommendations of what happens now. They did not disappoint in providing their insight. 

Join us as we have an open discussion with two preeminent privacy professionals to discuss a critical privacy event, that may have global consequences.TrustArc was prepared for any eventuality, and rest assured, we have you covered.


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