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Privacy’s Perfect Storm: A Technical Tempest in a Teapot - or Not? (with Stuart Brotman)

October 13, 2020 Paul Breitbarth, K Royal, Stuart N. Brotman Season 1 Episode 37
Serious Privacy
Privacy’s Perfect Storm: A Technical Tempest in a Teapot - or Not? (with Stuart Brotman)
Show Notes

Events happen occasionally that reinforce each other in such a way that the sum of things is worse than you could ever have imagined: a perfect storm. You may very well say that 2020 is a perfect storm in itself. And who knows what November and December may bring. This week, Paul Breitbarth and K Royal invited Stuart N. Brotman, author of Privacy's Perfect Storm: Digital Policy for Post-Pandemic Times.

Brotman took the notion of the perfect storm as the basis for a book about privacy, data protection, the digital economy and the fight against COVID-19. The book contains a series of reflections on a wide range of issues, outlining the authors’ views and ideas on the way forward.  He just completed a term as a Fellow in the Science and Technology Innovation Program at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington D.C. The essays in his book sparked quite the conversation.

Join us as we speak on a variety of topics - one of which immediately stood out: Why Discussing Digital Privacy Now Belongs at the Kitchen Table (on page 19), given Paul and K’s ideal for the Serious Privacy podcast to be those casual conversations one would have at Paul’s kitchen table, or K’s back porch.  But in addition, some essays grabbed attention to discuss, such as the one on digital trust being essential for data privacy protection and the one on millennials teaching grandparents about internet safety. We discussed so many topics - from public-private data sharing to password management. 


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