Serious Privacy

Fast & Furious: About Start-ups, FinTech, Cars, and Privacy (with Filip Johnssén)

October 27, 2020 Paul Breitbarth & K Royal with Filip Johnssén Season 1 Episode 38
Serious Privacy
Fast & Furious: About Start-ups, FinTech, Cars, and Privacy (with Filip Johnssén)
Show Notes

Technology around the world changes quickly - fast and furiously. Unique companies solving problems we did not realize we had are hitting the market. For example, the development of always connected mobile devices has fundamentally changed the global banking system. Where before in many parts of the world people were devoid of having a bank account, nowadays a smartphone gives them access to financial services wherever they are with mobile payments, cryptocurrencies, and  fully virtual banks. 

In this episode of Serious Privacy, Paul Breitbarth and K Royal host the DPO for Klarna, Europe’s biggest fintech unicorn, valued at over $10 billion, Filip Johnssén. Filip is a seasoned DPO, who prior to Klarna worked for Säpo, the Swedish Security Service, as well as Sandvik, a high tech and engineering company. Given his experience, it is no wonder the topics vary widely.

Join us as Filip shares his experience working for a startup tech company, which takes an unusual approach to the modern market experience. In addition, we discussed challenges of financial tech crossing international boundaries, personal interests, and authoring several successful books. We also delved into consumer rights and how to manage those across myriad laws. He is currently working on a practical manual for DPOs (link below). In addition, Filip co-hosts his own privacy podcast Dataministeriet, together with Anders Bäckström.  Also check out Klarna's video privacy notice, which takes transparency to a whole new level.  Lastly, we have a challenge for our listeners of a prior video notice in EU that Filip has been searching for - maybe one of you are familiar with it.


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