Serious Privacy

RegTech: Using the Power of Technology for Good (with Shub Nandi)

December 03, 2020 Paul Breitbarth and K Royal of TrustArc Season 1 Episode 44
Serious Privacy
RegTech: Using the Power of Technology for Good (with Shub Nandi)
Show Notes

Technology brings new demands for compliance, especially given the amount of personal data collected through various means and how it is both used and combined. However, technology can also be used to assist compliance professionals by providing the necessary information quickly.  In most of the Serious Privacy  episodes, co-hosts Paul Breibarth and K Royal have discussed one or more specific data protection and privacy related topics. With guest Shub Nandi, the CEO and Founder of PiChain, a company based in Bangalore, India, that primarily focuses on the financial sector, they look at the broader scope of RegTech (regulatory technology) and how it helps to support compliance.

PiChain tries to simplify all kinds of business processes, from customer and business onboarding and Know-Your-Customer to e-Contracts. These are all topics that privacy professionals would address, but typically would not have the information available to assess risks accurately or timely. With AI, one can leverage the power of technology to simplify the process, reserving valuable time for decision-making and remediation plans rather than collecting the information.

Join us as we discuss the financial market, regulatory challenges, and key technology solutions, such as blockchain. The conversation expands to include the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, India’s challenges including its privacy laws, and ethics in data science. 

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