Serious Privacy

Data Diversity: Not just 1s and 0s (with Shoshana Rosenberg)

March 02, 2021 Paul Breitbarth and K Royal of TrustArc Season 2 Episode 5
Serious Privacy
Data Diversity: Not just 1s and 0s (with Shoshana Rosenberg)
Show Notes

In this episode of Serious Privacy, K Royal and Paul Breitbarth connect with Shoshana Rosenberg, Deputy General Counsel for Privacy, Cybersecurity and Data Strategy, as well as CPO and Vice President at WSP USA. However, our conversation is more around the focus of SafePorter, a data trust providing valuable business insights, while respecting the privacy of employees. 

In essence, the topic is how to address diversity, inclusion, and equity efforts and goals without compromising employee sensitive data. For example, companies should consider inclusivity in their hiring opportunities and internally within development operations, but there is a challenge in understanding progress without having to collect and understand the diversity among applicants and employees. Certainly, this topic touched on social justice issues that the podcast has discussed before, but this time, the conversation centers more on how companies can achieve their goals and before that, why they should have these goals.

Shoshana talked about developing Inclusion by Design and holding vendors accountable for inclusivity in their processes. Not an easy effort to manage, but yet with the right focus and goals, achievable. This expands pain points into opportunities to improve and engage corporate social responsibility.  Join us as we discuss IbD in DevOps and being privacy centric, all while managing sensitive information of employees. We also touch on K-anonymity, the UK diversity and inclusion impact assessment, and potential non-profit or volunteer opportunities for privacy professionals.

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