Serious Privacy

A March on Privacy: Paul and K

March 25, 2021 K Royal and Paul Breitbarth Season 2 Episode 8
Serious Privacy
A March on Privacy: Paul and K
Show Notes

Developments in privacy sometimes go so quickly, it is almost impossible to keep up. In this episode of Serious Privacy, K Royal and Paul Breitbarth, talk about many of these recent developments in order to bring you up to date again. 

Join us as we discuss the forthcoming stricter enforcement of cookie rules in France, a German court case prohibiting nudging end users towards accepting a privacy unfriendly option, and yet another set of CCPA Regulations. We welcome the appointments of the very first members of a specific privacy regulator in the U.S. (when will they join the Global Privacy Assembly?) and we talk about a court case in which a private right of action did prove to be possible under HIPAA. 

You will also hear about the Arizona legislative debate about in-app purchase, possibly forcing Apple and Google to accept more payment methods than they do so far. Alas, the vote did not take place in the end. Finally, we break down some of the highlights of the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act

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