Serious Privacy

You Lost Me at Disinformation (with Wayne Unger)

March 31, 2021 Paul Breitbarth, K Royal, Wayne Unger Season 2 Episode 9
Serious Privacy
You Lost Me at Disinformation (with Wayne Unger)
Show Notes

This week on Serious Privacy, Paul Breitbarth and K Royal, connect with Wayne Unger, a recent law school graduate, that is already very much embedded in the privacy profession. As a non-traditional student, Wayne was an experienced professional and quickly dove into the academic side of privacy with the intent to combine the scholarship and practical side of privacy. 

Wayne has authored three law journal articles, two of which are published and one is scheduled - going through a rewrite currently as he will discuss why during the conversation. The two published ones are: 

In addition, Wayne has done a TEDx talk (modified given the circumstances) through TEDxASU program on Reclaiming our Right to Privacy

Join us as we explore what brought Wayne to privacy, interdisciplinary technologies and cross-functional approaches to privacy. We also discuss credit scores, supply chains (along with a possible new venture), and the public’s awareness of privacy increasing - including the veracity of claims to anonymized data given the possibilities of re-identification. Paul added in an article on Estimating the success of re-identification in incomplete datasets using regenerative models. Altogether a fascinating conversation that includes a ship stuck in the Suez canal (which was freed March 26).

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